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A Unique Opportunity To Learn And Excell!
R.M.E.G. Is a specialized institute that focuses on exegesis, verbal discourse and intense examination of the Biblical text.  We seek to unveil the meaning of the text as it was written. 


Online & Hybrid Classes Offered


Here At RMEG we offer traditional classes as well as online and hybrid courses that are developed to meet the needs of our students.  We also offer a wide range of formats for our students to take courses.


R.M.E.G. Has 5 Specialized Institutes
The RMEG Institutes have been developed to give our students an extensive background in Theology, Biblical Studies and those areas that are associated with Biblical Truths and concepts.  Only the Word of God has the solutions to the world's problems.


RMEG Offers Special Financing


Here at RMEG we offer our specialized financing for our students.  We also have work studies and other programs that are offered for our qualifying students on top of our already low cost for tuition.


World Class Instruction


RMEG Instructors challenge their students to examine the text with an eye for detail in tandem with the aid of the Holy Ghost as they are introduced to exegesis, hermeneutics and the art of scripture analysis.


Specialized Credentials
Recognized By Our Affilliates


Our credentials are recognized by Reeverian Concepts LLC and all of their affilliate organizations and companies.  All students will be able to use their gifts and skills as instructors, lecturers within our specialized educational  programs, seminars etc.

Our Affiliates
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